What is Active Fluid Exchange?

The IRRAflow®system was built around the concept of active, controlled fluid exchange.  As regularly employed during open surgery, the concept of active fluid exchange is based on the fact that it is faster to wash out any pathological extracellular fluid collection than to expect it to be removed by gravity alone.

Therefore, IRRAflow combines traditional gravity-driven drainage with periodic, controlled irrigation of the catheter probe to exchange any pathological fluid collection with neutral physiological fluids. This fluid movement, by design, mechanically cleanses the entire catheter’s inner surface and is also designed to disrupt potential clot or bacteria colony formation on the catheter’s intracranial external surface.  This fluid irrigation also helps to keep solid particulate in suspension, making it easier to subsequently drain.  This concept can hereby address the underlying reasons that result in historic shortcomings typically associated with passive drainage alone: catheter blockages and infection.






Active Fluid Exchange